The training was highly valuable to my group of second year journalism students. They are embarking on a work placement after the workshop and, in my opinion, the content helped to prepare them for the ethical dilemmas that arise so often around reporting on mental health related issues. I consider the Headline training to be a central part of pre-placement training for journalism students.

Lecturer, NUI Galway

The training provided to students was invaluable and, within a few short hours, students were much more confident in analysing and critiquing problematic reports and understood best practice far more.

Lecturer, NUI Maynooth

Our Journalism students found the Headline workshop very informative. The awareness Sinead made of how certain ‘buzz’ words can be very misleading especially when it comes to reporting on Suicide and Mental Health disorders. We look forward to welcoming Sinead and the Headline Organisation back each year.


Statistics from 1st semester 2022-2023 (2022 Q4)


The was an 80% increase in understanding the suicide reporting guidelines.


There was a 64% increase in confidence reporting on suicide.


There was a 59% increase in confidence signposting to appropriate services.