January 29, 2008

The aim of massage is to release tension from the physical body, explains Margaret Smith, who has trained in this and other therapies.  It can effect a blood change, increasing oxygen flowing in the body by approximately 10% leading to increased energy.  It can be effective for physical and sports problems, such as knee, sciatica, back, neck and shoulder tension, tight muscles and for general relaxation and wellbeing.  Massage can induce better sleep patterns.
Reiki is a biofield or energy therapy that is deeply relaxing and helps reduce stress and stress related problems.  Margaret Smith points to studies that have shown via monitoring brainwaves that Reiki brings a person into a deeper level of relaxation than sleep, claiming that an hour of Reiki is equivalent to four hours of sleep.  It has been shown to reduce pain, reduce blood pressure, speed up post-surgery recovery, boost the immune system and gives a sense of peace when being challenged by illness.
Shen is also a biofield therapy but works solely with the emotional body.  Practitioners are trained to recognise how the body is holding onto emotion and how it layers in the body affecting a person`s life.  Therapists, such as Margaret Smith, use a precise series of hand movements to relax out contractions, coupled with relevant coaching, to allow a person to release what is trapped.  It might be effective for any emotional pain, for example, depression, grief, low self-esteem, anxiety and sadness.

`As above, so below`.   Can it be true that what`s going on in the heavens above us affects us down here on Earth?   According to Margaret Neylon, who is astrologist for the Sunday Tribune, astrology can be a very useful tool for understanding ourselves, others and the world around us.  It can be studied in-depth or just for a bit of light-hearted fun.
Pythagoras, the mathematician, was also a philosopher, who understood that numbers must hold power, says Margaret Neylon, author of It All Adds Up.  Numerologists use the birth date, to explain a person`s lifepath.  In cycles of nine years, they will explain the purpose of the year that you are in and what you should learn during this specific time.
Dream Interpretation
The Bible is full of predictive and instructive dreams, from Abraham to the Pharaoh to Mary and Joseph.  We sleep `perchance to dream` and these dream messages can help us through the most difficult of times.
Angels are everywhere, says Margaret Neylon, who is author of Angel Magic and Angel Love.  They are `messengers from God`, here to guide us and support us as we move through life.  Practically every belief system or religion, whether originating in the West or the East, includes beings – called Angels, Peri, Fravashi or Devas – who are sent by God to undertake special missions with us humans here on Earth.