March 9, 2015

Eating Disorders
No treatment scheme for eating disorder sufferers
Irish Examiner, 09-March-2015
People with eating disorders are not entitled to the same funding for treatment programmes granted to those who suffer from addictions to drugs or alcohol, the HSE has said.
Is it possible to recover from an eating disorder?
Irish Examiner, 07-March-2015
One in 10 of eating disorders is diagnosed as anorexia nervosa, the remainder comprise binge eaters and bulimics and there are at least 200,000 sufferers diagnosed per year in Ireland alone. 
Parenting: ‘I always felt overweight and out of place’
The Irish Times, 03-March-2015
With social media and cameraphones, girls are under more pressure than ever about how they look. But a ‘Free Being Me’ programme for Guides challenges myths.
It's not just a girl thing
Cork Independent, 26-Feb-2015
Eating disorders can affect anyone at anytime despite age or gender. Eating disorders in men may presents themselves in different ways.
Being healthy is much more important than being thin
Irish Independent, 25-Feb-2015
Studies have found the complementing someone on the way they look is not always a positive thing as it may lead to eating disorders.
Rise in calls to eating disorders helpline
The Herald – City Final, 23-Feb-2015
A helpline offering support to people with eating disorders has recorded a 30% hike in the number of calls.
Eating Disorders the facts and figures
Sunday Independent, 22-Feb-2015
Sunday Independent gives key facts on eating disorders highlighting the worrying increase in men and boys suffering from this mental health issue.
Boys' quest to build 'perfect body* helps fuel rise in eating disorders
Sunday Independent, 22-Feb-2015
There has been a significant rise in the number of men and boys suffering from eating disorders.
Why we must tackle eating disorders
Evening Echo, 21-Feb-2015
Society has a duty to tackle attitudes which help fuel eating disorders, says manager of the Eating Disorder Centre Cork.
25-35 age group largest group affected
Evening Echo, 21-Feb-2015
The age range of those seeking help for eating disorders is changing, according to Bodywhys, the eating disorder association of Ireland.
National Eating Disorders Awareness week took place from the 23rd– 27th February. In conjunction with Bodywhys, the Irish national voluntary organisation for those affected by the condition, Headline raised awareness on the disorder and the need for responsible reporting on this issue that affects 200,000 people every year.