Headline is delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s Mental Health Media Awards.  We received a huge number of high-quality entries this year and competition was tough.  Our diverse panel of judges had lively debates while they tried to determine the top five for each category. There were many worthy entries which didn’t make it to the shortlist this time, but we see and appreciate the great work you’re doing and hope you’ll consider entering again next year.

Diversity of experience and authentic representation is a vital proponent of these awards. Our 2019 representation analysis showed the vast majority of stories related to severe mental health conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia were in relation to court cases or violent crime. Our 2020 research highlighted just 2% of stories about severe mental health conditions included the voices of people living with these experiences – this has to change. 

Headline continues to recognise and support Irish media professionals as they do the important and challenging work involved in creating awareness and reducing stigma in mental health reporting. The MHMAs are a key part of this effort. Encouraging excellence in reporting standards and reducing stigma around representation of mental ill health in the media is key to improving mental health literacy. 

Click here to view this year’s shortlist.