April 25, 2007

Author: John Walshe
Education Editor

SCHOOLS are getting new guidelines on identifying warning signs of suicidal behaviour among students.
The guidelines have been prepared  by  the  National Educational Psychological Service  whose  regional director   Anne   Marie Sheehan said schools would also be told how to respond if concerns arose about particular students.
She said that over the last two years many schools had been  advised  how  to develop a critical incident management plan so they
could have a more effective response in the event of a tragedy. "Our  track record on helping schools in the aftermath of an incident is good,but we would like to be able to do more about prevention," she added. "Guidelines on the  issue of external suicide prevention programmes  are also offered," she said in the current issue of the Social, Personal and Health and Education Journal.  Some  of the  risk  situations identified are:

  • Separation from friends, classmates etc.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Disciplinary problems.

Publication: Irish Independant, Wednesday 25th April 2007, Page 6