Reporting Mental Health & Suicide: Challenges Facing Journalists (2018)

This research examines the attitudes and workflows of media workers in Ireland, to better understand what the obstacles are to responsible and continued coverage of mental health and suicide. Among the findings were the critical absence of media participation by people with lived experience of mental illness, the lack of understanding of particular mental health diagnosis, and the lack of supports for media workers in this area. 

Severe Mental Health Conditions, Trauma and Media Participation: A Practice Guide for Media Professionals (2021)

A best practice guide for Irish media on engaging people living with mental illness or trauma as media participants. Co-produced by media professionals and mental health advocates, including lived experience, this research addresses the current imbalance and misrepresentation of particular mental health experiences. The guide offers usable tools for facilitating safe, respectful and empowering experiences of media participation.

Caroline Flack and Irish News Media Case Study (2021)

This poster is the result of a piece of original Headline research. It examines the reporting of Caroline Flack’s death in Irish online news media and was presented at the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s 31st World Congress.