August 14, 2015

Mental Health
New mental health unit in Sligo to open in two years
Sligo Weekender, 13-August-2015
A new purpose built mental health unit to replace St Columba’s in Sligo is to be built on the grounds of Sligo Regional Hospital and is due to be opened in two years’ time.
Lookout Promoting Mental Wellness
Mallow Star, 13-August-2015
Sporting clubs and organisation can often play a key role in contributing to the mental health and wellbeing of players and their supporters.

Increased heart risk for depressed teens, 12-August-2015
The American Heart Association has stated that certain mental health conditions should be seen as independent risk factors for heart disease among adolescents.
Fifty children admitted to adult psychiatric units this year
Irish Times, 10-August-2015
Fifty children with mental health problems have been admitted to adult psychiatric units so far this year, new figures reveal.
Psychiatric hospital admission seen as coercive, 10-August-2015
Researchers from Trinity College Dublin and NUI Galway looked into perceptions of coercion within the Irish mental health system.

Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse system expected to be extended in coming months, 13-August-2015
The HSE’s Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN) system is expected to be available to more GPs in the coming months.
Take care – scam artists are going door to door pretending to collect for Pieta House, 10-August-2015
People posing as representatives of suicide prevention charity Pieta House, have been collecting door-to-door in the Dublin area.