July 8, 2009

New addiction service at St Pat's

An enhanced addictions and mental health service at St Patrick’s Hospital was launched last week — designed to ease the transition from detox to rehabilitation for inpatients, among other services.

The enhanced Temple Centre for Addiction and Mental Health was opened officially by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

Dr Conor Farren, Consultant Psychiatrist at St Patrick’s, said: “It is only now, in the post boom period, that we are recognising some of the negative consequences of the boom. It is vital that Ireland has centres of excellence for treatment of alcohol dependence, and that treatment, training and research dovetail into a coherent programme in those centres.”

The Temple Centre has been a treatment provider for addiction problems in Ireland for over 60 years. Dual diagnosis services were developed in 2003, recognising that alcohol dependence is often complicated by accompanying problems such as major depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

CEO of St Patrick’s, Paul Gilligan, said: “The new Temple Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is an important landmark in the recognition of what we can do in the field of addiction and dual diagnosis treatment. The hospital is confident it will excel as a centre for treatment, training and research.”