October 18, 2011

Mental health programme DELIVERED AT GARDA COLLEGE Garda Liaison Inspectors (Mental Health) recently completed a one-day education programme delivered by the National Service User Executive (NSUE), Garda colleagues and HSE staff, at the Garda College, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, The programme focused on the legal implement the MOU. A copy of the MOU responsibilities of both agencies under can be downloaded from the Mental Health Service e-learning hub at www.hseland.ie.

"he programme focused on the legal responsibilities of both agencies underSection 13 of the Mental Health Act 2001(removal and return of persons to anapproved centre). The two agencies alsohave responsibilities under a Memorandumof Understanding (MOU) developedby them and signed in 2010 by GardaCommissioner Fachtna Murphy (retired)and Cathal Magee, CEO of the HSE.

The ethos of both the MOU and theNational Assisted Admission Policy isthe right of the person to dignity, bodilyintegrity, privacy and autonomy. Thiswas reinforced throughout the educationprogramme.

Included in the programme was a reviewof the involuntary admission process underthe Mental Health Act 2001. This wasdelivered by the HSE's Amelia Cox.

There was also a review of the NationalAssisted Admission Policy delivered by theHSE's Anthony Fitzpatrick.

Professor Harry Kennedy, ClinicalDirector, Central Mental Hospital, Dundrumconducted a session on the Criminal Law(Insanity) Act 2010 while Garda PhilipRyan outlined the components of theMemorandum of Understanding.

John Redican and Jennifer Kelly fromthe NSUE spoke about the service users'experience of mental illness, reinforcing theneed for a person-centred approach.

Participants were then given a numberof case scenarios replicating potentialsituations where staff of the HSE andAn Garda Sfochana are charged withremoving or returning a person to anapproved centre.

Following the education programme,formal liaison groups will be establishedwithin the mental health services toPublication: Health MattersDate: Tuesday, October 11, 2011Page: 99Extract: 2 of 2Circulation: 111.000Author:Headline: Mental health programme DELIVERED AT GARDA COLLEGE + Garda Philip Ryan, Lecturer Garda College, Templemore; Professor Harry Kennedy, Executive Clinical Director, Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, Amelia Cox, Clinical Nurse Manager, HSE-Dublin Mid-Leinster and Anthony Fitzpatrick, Regional Nurse Practice Development Co-ordinator, HSE-West; who were involved in an education programme delivered to Garda Liaison Officers at the Garda College, Templemore