August 5, 2011

Coverage of mental health issues continues to be, in the main, more positive than negative. In July, the launch of various reports from Reach Out, Lundbeck/Aware and NSRF certainly helped to kick off important conversations in the media about stigma and seeking help.

Unfortunately, coverage of a recent inquest into murder-suicide tended to focus irresponsibly on the details of the suicide method. For information on the best practice in covering murder suicide, see the Media Guideline for Reporting on Suicide and Self-harm , produced by IAS and Samartians.

See our media analysis for July here .

Do not hesitate to contact us if you come across any reference to mental health or suicide in broadcast or print media that you feel warrants reaction. We encourage people to speak out and use their voices to improve the quality of media coverage of suicide and mental health issues.

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