In light of the recent reports of the suspected murder-suicide case in the Abbey Road area of Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh  Headline have issued a media alert for journalists reporting on the incident.
Research has shown that detailed and sensational reports of the actions of a perpetrator in relation to murder-suicide can result in copycat behaviour by other vulnerable individuals.
Linking violence to mental health issues has a stigmatising effect and many vulnerable people do not seek help due to stigma.
Below you will find two pdfs containing media guidelines for reporting on murder-suicide and further information about murder suicide. We would ask both editors and journalists to consider and implement these guidelines when producing content in the future. For more information on reporting mental health and suicide in a responsible manner please go to our review our media guidelines.
You can contact us via Twitter or email:
Samaritans media guidelines on reporting about murder-suicides.
NSRF briefing on reporting about murder-suicides.