March 1, 2013

This morning the Irish Daily Star printed a series of graphic images of a man and woman taking their lives by jumping from a bridge. 

To print any photograph of a person ending their life is not only inappropriate but extremely irresponsible.
  • The Media Guidelines for Reporting on Suicide and Self Harm  , produced by the Irish Association of Suicidology and Samaritans, advise against the use of dramatic photographs related to suicide as this may have a triggering effect on vulnerable individuals and give them the information they need to end their lives.
  • Moreover, such image may cause harm to readers who have lost loved-ones to suicide.
The following text entitled “Lovers leap …to their deaths”  is the description that accompanied the images in the Irish Daily Star; 

THIS is the moment a newspaper  photographer — attempting to take a snap of heavy fog over a bridge — captured a lovers' 40 metre suicide leap. The photographer was preparing to snap the bridge across the WuhanYangtze River in central China.

"I didn't realise at first that I had snapped the man jumping to his death. It was only then after snapping the photograph that I heard someone shout," he said, adding he too shocked to help.

"Seconds later a woman climbed onto the bridge and jumped as well. Istill had my hand on the camera and I tensed and shot off another few frames entirely by accident but ended up photographing the woman as well."
If you feel the publication of these photographs are inappropriate please contact the editor and picture desk of the Irish Daily Star and to make your comments known.
  • There are step by step instructions and template letters  on (  if you need any help. Feel free to  call 01 8279022 or email us at
  • Please copy in in on any of your correspondence.
Remember one call, email, or letter can change the way the media portray suicide in the future.
Contact details for Irish Daily Star:
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  • Editor: Mr. Gerard Colleran (E:
  • Pictures Editor: Mr. Brian Dowling (E:
  • Postal Address: Irish Daily Star, Building 4, Level 5, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16. 
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