January 23, 2009

Publication: Dungarvan Observer

Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Page: 19

Headline: IET. – Integrated Energy Therapy HOLISTIC HEALTH I.E.T.

Integrated Energy Therapy I.E.T. is an attunement based energy therapy that supports the gentle release of energy patterns. Energy patterns can be held in the memory cell membrane of the DNA of our cells and tissues. Energy patterns can be in the form of suppressed feelings, thoughts and memories. The cells of the tissues hold onto these energy patterns from the past, and this can cause loss of empowerment, as we become caught in a cycle of repetition of old patterns in our lives. E.g. eating patterns, addictions, negative thinking.

Most of us have negative energy that's been stored in our muscles for years and years, from childhood or from yesterday. Sometimes, we don't even realise how much that negative stuff interferes with today's life. IET has helped people to heal depression, addictions, cancer, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, migraine, arthritis, bulimia, viral infections, panic attacks, anxiety, and severe pain.

Stevan Thayer founder of IET identified 9 cellular memory areas of the body. He devised a system of removing the negative energy from these iareas and implanting positive energy simply. The system is called Integrated Energy Therapy or IET. It's an unbelievable experience; it is very effective at supporting healing by releasing the aftermath oif past emotional experiences;.

This gentle hands on therapy is clear, concise and very effective. It alllows for us to get "our issues out of the tissues" as you leit go of old, negative energy and experience a beautiful flow of renewed spirit. Regiina is now offering I.E.T. from her healing hub in Clash, Ballinacourty. For appointments phone: 0876302210