Headline National Magazine Award 2014

Jane Arigho, Headline, Niall Stokes, Editor Hot Press, Roisin Dwyer
Commissioning Editor Hot Press John Saunders Shine
Headline, the national media monitoring programme for mental health and suicide has selected Hot Press as winner of the inaugural Headline National Magazine Award 2014 for journalism relating to mental health and suicide. Headline created the award in recognition of the vital role magazines in Ireland play in promoting positive mental health and opening up the issues surrounding suicide.
Jane Arigho Project coordinator of Headline said;  “Hot Press, although it is primarily known as a music and popular culture magazine, has shown great dedication and leadership around the discussion of topics of suicide and mental health. Journalism of this quality contributes to greater public understanding of mental health issues and encourages those experiencing mental health difficulties and suicidal ideation to reach out and seek the help that they need.”
Media analysis conducted by Headline confirmed that Hot Press had shown a genuine commitment to exceptional coverage of mental health and suicide related issues and combined it effortlessly with its music and popular cultural remit.
Headline’s media analysis also highlighted how media coverage of mental health issues varies greatly between magazines. However, only a small portion of magazines actively delivered coverage of mental health issues to their readership.
On receiving the award Niall Stokes Editor of Hot Press said: “I have always believed that it is hugely important to remove the stigma which historically surrounded  mental health issues in Ireland. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to ensure that the subject is covered, in the right way, and without sensationalism, in the media.  Receiving this award is a vindication for all of the staff here that we have been on the right track in this regard.
“In particular, in Hot Press, we want to make sure that those who are wrestling with any form of mental health issue or suicide ideation, are aware that they are not alone and that others – including many successful and well-known people – have faced the same difficulties and come out the other side with renewed strength and sense of purpose. As Headline knows better than most, it is an area of deep, ongoing concern in Ireland, especially among young people, who are such an important part of the Hot Press readership. Which is why we are committed to continuing our coverage of mental health issues – with the objective of assfurther in what we believe is a vitally important national campaign.”
Headline works with journalists and media students to find ways to collaborate to ensure that mental health and suicide related issues are responsibly covered in the media.