The following publications are nominated for the Headline Regional Newspaper of the Year Award 2012:
Connaught Telegraph
Clare Champion
Cork Independent
Northern Standard
The Avondhu
The dedication of these regional publications to these important issues is an example of how journalism can play an important role in suicide prevention and in the promotion of positive mental health.
Consistently responsible coverage like this will not only contribute to greater public understanding of suicide and other mental health issues but also encourage those experiencing difficulties to reach out and seek the help that they need.
Award Criteria
Coverage must adhere to the various media guidelines for reporting on suicide and mental health issues.
We also consider the volume and quality of articles relevant to suicide and mental health issues.
The type of coverage afforded to suicide and mental health issues is also taken into account. As well as news articles, the dedication of feature writing, editorials and opinions pieces to suicide and mental health issues can denote a genuine interest and acknowledgement of the importance of these issues.
Positive coverage of suicide and mental health issues in local media should:
Be informative, accurate and encourage public understanding;
Promote positive mental health;
Encourage people who may be experiencing difficulties to seek the help that they need;
Provide information on sources of support at local and national level;
Prompt discussion of suicide and mental health issues;
Challenge the stigma that surrounds mental health problems;
Ensure accuracy by providing expert advice or feature someone with personal experience of suicide or a mental health problem.