Headline, the national media monitoring programme for mental health and suicide has selected the Irish Independent as the winner of its 2016 Overall Award & has also received the Headline Voice Media Award for positive media coverage of mental health and suicide related issues.
Headline created the both awards, won this year by the Irish Independent to recognise the excellent work by media professionals for their outstanding coverage of the difficult issues surrounding mental health and suicide in a responsible way.
Headline works with journalists and media organisations to ensure that mental health and suicide related issues are responsibly covered in the media.
Speaking on the award, Jane Arigho, Media Project Coordinator at Headline said  “Media discussion of mental health and suicide related issues is vital. Research has shown that the media have a significant influence on how the public think about suicide and mental health problems. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Irish Independent for their excellent work. Over 9% of all positive coverage of mental health and suicide related issues recorded by Headline last year was produced by the Irish Independent. ”
She continued to say “Positive coverage of mental health encourages help seeking behaviour and helps to remove the stigmas and myths that surround these issues.”