Regional Newspaper of the Year 2014

Headline created the award in recognition of the vital role regional newspapers play in promoting positive mental health and stigma reduction in their local communities.
Speaking on the award, Jane Arigho of Headline said; “From Headline’s media analysis, the Evening Echo’s coverage was notable for its focus throughout the year on highlighting mental health issues and endeavouring to discuss the important issue of suicide while providing further sources of help and information to readers.”
She continued; “In addition, this year the Evening Echo also showed a strong commitment to giving a voice to those with mental health issues by dedicating a strong focus to stories of personal experience. This will no doubt not only contribute to greater public understanding, but also encourage those experiencing difficulties to reach out and seek the help that they need.”
Media analysis conducted by Headline confirmed that a significant number of regional publications show a genuine commitment to responsible coverage of mental health issues. The Liffey Champion was also shortlisted and to be strongly commended for their strong commitment to issues of mental health and suicide.
However, while Headline noted a strong commitment to responsible coverage of mental health and suicide, there remains more work to be done for some regional publications to adequately provide awareness, understanding and access to information regarding mental health to their readers.