August 20, 2010

Mental Health

Unsuccessful offspring hit parents' mental health
Irish Examiner (14, Aug 2010)
A Study presented to the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association has found that having one unsuccessful grown child has a damaging effect on the mental well-being of middle aged parents.

Mental Health Service

Mental health issues cost economy €3bn
Evening Echo (16, Aug 2010)
A new report by TASC says that issue of mental ill-health is not only damaging to the sufferer’s life and family but also damaging to the economy. The authors, Justin Frewen and Dr Anna Datta argue that this provides another reason to invest in a new approach to our mental health services.

Psychiatric service resources in 'crisis' says Limerick TD Dan Neville
Limerick Leader (16, Aug 2010)
Limerick Deputy Dan Neville has said the draining of resources from the health service is a "scandal of immense proportions." Deputy Neville, Fine Gael's spokesperson on mental health, was speaking in light of the report by the Psychiatric Nurses Association of Ireland (PNA) and urged the Minister for Health and Children to respond immediately to the crisis in the mental health services

Mental Ill Health

Ketamine 'magic for the depressed'
Irish Independent (20 Aug 2010)
KETAMINE, the dance club drug known as Special K, acts like "magic" to relieve depression, according to researchers who have investigated its effects.The drug quickly induces the regeneration of synaptic connections between nerve cells in the brain, a study has shown.

Electric shock therapy 'aids brain functions'
Irish Independent (19 Aug 2010)
Scientists from the Department of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin have published new research in the Journal of Biological Psychiatry which will help people affected by mental ill-health make better informed decisions about ECT. The research found that ECT can significantly improve some brain functions.  This research comes against a background of an intense 'debate about the merits of the treatment, which has included calls for its abolition by a number of former patients.

Mad Pride Celebration Comes To Town Park
Tullamore Tribune (12 Aug 2010)
The Mad Pride Family Fun Days are a series of events, set up by former auctioneer, John McCarthy, with the aim of challenging the stigma that surrounds mental ill-health.


Suicide among men in farming rises 24%, according to study
Irish Times (19, Aug 2010)
Some 33 men in the farming sector died by suicide last year, a rise of 24 per cent in such deaths compared to 2008, a conference on farm safety heard yesterday. Three times as many farmers died by suicide than in areas such as accountancy, engineering and the legal profession. farm suicides last year accounted for 8 per cent of all male suicides.