October 16, 2015

Healthy Obsession What happens when a healthy interest in food exercise become something more 
U magazine,  27-10-15 
"Orthorexic behaviour can be hard to spot because it can appear like a dedication to healthy eating"

Parents to learn role of ICT in children’s mental heath
Irish Examiner,  16-10-15 
"A mental health organisation said addressing the digital disconnect between older and younger generations is crucial in educating people on the benefits of digital literacy to youth mental health." 

Stress is making a lot of you take time off work
The Journal, 14-10-15
"For the employee, work-related stress can result in poor mental health, burnout, concentration difficulties, problems at home, drug and alcohol abuse and poor physical health." 

"Doctor's Orders: Just what is depression?" 
Irish Independent, 12-10-15 
What does it actually mean to be depressed? We hear lots about it – but what are the actual basket of symptoms that people experience?

56pc of college kids hide eating disorder fears
Irish Independent, 11-10-15 
New figures have revealed that 56pc of college students are concealing worries about their eating habits.

Bressie: ‘I ran away from dealing with my issues and lied to the people I loved’
The Journal, 10-10-15 
"The “sure it will all be grand” mentality, the “man up” mantra, the “snap out of it” attitudes are repressing our emotions and it needs to end." Bressie talks about the need for changing attitudes on mental health.