July 16, 2010

Mental Health Services

Mental hospital running 'at capacity'
Irish Examiner (Wed 14 July 2010)
The Central Mental Hospital is continuously operating at capacity. This is leading to people being detained in prison or in mental health hospitals inappropriately, the head of the Mental Health Commission has warned. Hugh Kane said the situation with the hospital was ongoing, and to date no new location for a modern forensic hospital had been identified.

Mental Ill Health

Doctors warn of rise in substance abuse
Sunday Independent (Sun 11 July 2010)
Up to 40 per cent of those presenting with psychiatric disorders are also abusing sub- stances, and that figure rises to 60 per cent in the case of those who have committed suicide. And doctors treating sub- stance abuse addicts at Dublin's Rutland centre have discovered that those presenting for treatment for addiction are also experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Mental health needs in emergencies
Irish Medical Times (Wed 14 July 2010)
Six months after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, Dr Anna Datta and Justin Frewen examine the complexities of dealing with mental health problems following natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

Children as young as 9 now anorexic
Evening Herald (Mon 12 July 2010)
Children as young as nine are showing symptoms of anorexia. Professor James Lock, from Stanford University in California, who was in Ireland to address health professionals at a conference, said that the average onset of anorexia is aged 12 to 15, but children as young as nine are being seen in the US. He said: "The mean age seems to be going down for the onset of eating disorders."

Suicide Prevention

SVP providing help for stressed staff
Irish Examiner (Thu 15 July 2010)
The Society of St Vincent de Paul has been providing specialist help for staff encountering a high level of fear and panic, an Oireachtas committee heard yesterday. Members were under stress dealing with people in very difficult circumstances. SVP vice-president John Monaghan told the Joint Committee on Social Protection that pressures on members had oecome so difficult that SVP had to organise special sessions to support them.

Neville decries lack of urgency on rising levels of suicide
Limerick Independent (Wed 14 July 2010)
There has been a 24% increase in the number of suicides in 2009 when compared to 2008 according to provisional figures. The number of deaths by suicide in 2009 was 527, compared to 424 in 2008, figures, which need to ignite an emergency response by the Government according to the Fine Gael spokesperson on mental health Dan Neville TD.

Children aged seven thinking of suicide
Irish Independent (Sat 10 July 2010)
Children as young as seven are contemplating suicide, experts warned yesterday. The amount of people in distress and reaching out to services for help soared as the economic downturn took hold. Pieta House, a centre for prevention of self-harm and suicide, in Lucan, Dublin, revealed it was particularly worried by the increased numbers of children in difficulty.