February 13, 2015


Mental Health

New research shows gay pupils end up happier if they come out at school
Independent.ie, 12-Feb-2015
Research shows teenagers who come out at school emerge with higher self-esteem, lower levels of depression and are no more likely to be bullied.
Local mental health services in this region handed back €6m last year
Athlone Topic, 12-Feb-2015
It has emerged that mental health services in Galway and Roscommon returned 10% of their budget unspent at the end of last year.
Loneliness is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
Mallow Star, 12-Feb-2015
ALONE reports that loneliness is a leading factor in depression for older people.
Bressie urges schools to focus on mental health
Irish Examiner, 12-Feb-2015
Irish schools need to put more of an emphasis on mental health, according to Voice of Ireland coach Bressie at a conference at University College Cork (UCC)
OCD can begin as early as pre-school
Independent.ie, 12-Feb-2015
St Patrick's Mental Health Services in Dublin research finds people share symptoms of compulsive checking and intrusive thoughts and hoarding.
My Health Experience: ‘Mental health has an impact on the whole family’
The Irish Times, 10-Feb-2015
Gina Delaney says more support should be given to families dealing with mental health issues in light of her efforts to look after her mother.
Mental health: Cambodian and Irish students learn it’s okay not to be okay
The Irish Times, 10-Feb-2015
Teaching young people to take care of their mental health and appreciating the goodness in life is as relevant in Dublin as it is in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Mind Matters – promoting mental health in the workplace
Independent.ie, 10-Feb-2015
Mental health conditions formed 51% of all reported cases for work related illness, indicating a need for more support in the workplace.
Farmer opens up about depression
Evening Echo, 09-Feb-2015
Farmers recall their personal journeys with depression and their road to recovery on RTE’s Ear To The Ground.
Schizophrenia and psychosis: an overview
Forum, 09-Feb-2015
A clear and comprehensive outline of schizophrenia and psychosis for any reader.
Is schizophrenia linked to the gut?
Hospital Pharmacy News, 09-Feb-2015
Researchers have put forward a radically novel view of the biology of schizophrenia and it’s genetic basis.
Study on out-of-hours mental health referrals commences
Forum, 09-Feb-2015
A study aims to track eligible patients who attend out-of-hours services to identify possible mental health issues in the service.


1 in 5 suicides linked to unemployment
IrishHealth.com, 11-Feb-2015
Unemployment may be to blame for around 45,000 suicides worldwide every year, a new study has found. 
New self-harm nurse service introduced
Donegal Peoples Press, 09-Feb-2015
A new self-harm nurse service will be accessible to people who need this professional help from 8am until 8pm seven days a week in Letterkenny General Hospital.