June 15, 2012

Mental Health
Irish Examiner (Wednesday, 13th June 2012)
Irish scientists have found that the happy hormone — serotonin — is regulated by the amount of gut bacteria in childhood.  
Metro Herald (Thursday, 14th June 2012)
Most Irish men 'bottle up' their feelings, while 84 per cent of people think there is a stigma in Ireland about discussing mental health, a Newstalk survey has found
Mental Health Service
(Wednesday, 13th June 2012)
Of 32 doctors referred to the council’s health sub-committee, 10 were referred for reasons of mental disability, nine for drug use, eight for alcohol and drug use and four for alcohol use alone.
Irish Examiner (Monday, 11th June 2012) 
There has been an alarming rise in the volume of prescription drills, including date rape pills, being seized from illegal street traders. 
Suicide Prevention
Clare People (Tuesday, 12th June 2012)
A group of councillors in Ennis are expected to recommend to unions that all teachers receive suicide awareness training. It comes after the Mayor of Ennis said plans to roll out the SAFETALK programme had received the backing of the Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn.