August 15, 2008

Mental Health Service

HSE South has highest number of involuntary detentions, says report
Irish Medical Times (Wed, 13 Aug 2008)
More patients were involuntarily detained in psychiatric institutions in the Health Service Executive South region last year than any other area.  There were 629 instances of involuntary detentions in the HSE South in 2007, with 119 of them in Cork University Hospital.  No other hospital in Ireland had more involuntary detentions


Suicide Prevention

Call for €10m to tackle suicide
Irish Times (Wed, 13 Aug 2008)
The government has been urged to increase resources for suicide prevention services in order to tackle the high level of youth suicide in Ireland.  Fine Gael TD Dan Neville, who is president of the Irish Association of Suicidology, said that Ireland now has the fifth highest rate of youth suicide in Europe. In 2005, it was recommended that the National Office for Suicide Prevention receive a budget of €5.5 million, but its budget for 2008 has been frozen at €3.5 million.


Suicide rate is 47% higher than in North                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Irish Examiner (Wed, 13 Aug 2008)
The suicide rate in the Republic is 47% higher than in the North, latest figures show. An Institute of Public Health study of Irish suicide rates found 12.4 of every 100,000 people living in the South commit suicide, compared to 8.4 in the North. Overall, the island's suicide rate stands at 11.2 per 100,000. Offaly has the highest suicide rate in the country — 61% higher than the all-island average.


Health Service

Child protection groups criticise HSE cutbacks
Irish Times (Sat, 9 Aug 2008)
Child protection groups warned yesterday that vulnerable young people will be at risk as a result of the Health Service Executive's (HSE) decision to suspend plans for a 24-hour social care service.  The HSE wrote to unions in the last fortnight to say plans for a €15 million out-of-hours social work service have been put on hold as a result of budgetary constraints.


Mental Health

Samaritans to hit streets as support groups get mobilised
Irish Independent, (Wed, 13 Aug 2008)
Volunteers from the Samaritans will be out on the streets again this year offering their support to Leaving Cert students on exam results night.  And help for students who may be in despair over how poorly they feel they performed will also be at hand at just the touch of a button. 


Patients show artistic talents
Irish Times (Tue, 12 Aug 2008)
More than 60 people who use psychiatric services at Cork University Hospital have participated in a project aimed at developing their artistic potential. The hospital's arts committee and its acute mental health unit joined forces to develop the project, which involved artist Charlotte Donovan taking up a 10-week residency to facilitate patients.


Why worrying runs in the family
Evening Herald (Mon, 11 Aug 2008)
Some people are more prone to extreme anxiety because of a genetic mutation they have inherited, according to a new study.  The mutation is found in about half the population but it exerts its effect on the one in four people who have inherited both copies of it from their parents, it found.