October 14, 2016

Top Story:
14/10/2016, Independent.ie
The Irish Independent has been named as winner of the Headline 2016 Overall Award and the Headline Voice Media Award for its responsible coverage of mental health and suicide related issues.
29/09/2016, Evening Echo
Echo wins award for fight against suicide Alan Healy THE Evening Echo newspaper has been named Regional Newspaper of the Year for its journalistic coverage m relating to mental health and suicide prevention.
Mental Health:
13/10/2016, LimerickLeader.ie
STUDENTS and staff at the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) are being encouraged to engage in an act of kindness a day. The Moylish college has launched its ‘Kindness Kampaign’ to mark World Mental Health week. 
12/10/2016, Evoke.ie
Aisling O’Loughlin opened up about the ‘isolating’ reality of motherhood as she discussed her new presenting role on Walk in My Shoes Radio. 
12/10/2016, EveningEcho.ie
Living with obsessive compulsive disorder can be more harrowing than many of us can imagine, as reporter Maaryiah Pathan found out when she spoke to her own grandmother about coping with the condition.
11/10/2016, IrishExaminer.com
Language is powerful, so the words we use to talk about mental health, and towards people with mental health issues, are important.
10/10/2016, Independent.ie
Have you ever considered that you or someone you know, may be suffering from orthorexia? Orthorexia, or to give it its proper name, orthorexia nervosa, is an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.
10/10/2016, IrishTimes.com
Some 50 per cent of parents believe teachers should start introducing the idea of positive mental health to children from as early as ages four and five in junior infant classes, according to a new survey.
11/10/2016, Waterford-news.ie
Harry Potter actor Devon Murray has told how he has been battling depression. The Irish actor, 27, who played Seamus Finnigan in the boy-wizard series, revealed in posts on Twitter that he had suicidal thoughts.
07/10/2016, EveningEcho.ie
Last week, we ran an article by two Cork brothers as they spoke of the effect of their father’s suicide, which gleaned a huge reaction from readers. Today, ALEX QUILL looks at a suicide that affected a family differently, as the victim was a month shy of his 16th birthday.