May 13, 2016

8th May 2016,
The Welsh referee stopped into RTÉ on his way back from refereeing Munster yesterday. Nigel Owens is the most recognisable rugby referee around and he's become synonymous for his no nonsense refereeing as well as his clever on-field quips.
We can't allow ourselves to return to an Ireland where emotional
struggles are brushed under the carpet.
It is a known fact that Ireland's mental health system is deeply 
flawed and that there could be much more resources put in place to protect the mental health of the most vulnerable people.
Olivia O'Leary talking about her depression was a game-changer, says Brendan O'Connor. She even mentioned drink
Kristen Bell has opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression in a refreshingly honest interview that has garnered praise worldwide.