May 13, 2011

Mental Health  

Listeners urged to 'mind their mates'
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 12 May 2011)
Cork's RedFM, in association with Suicide Aware, Munster Rugby and the Irish Examiner, will today launch ‘Mind Your Mates’ -a campaign to create public awareness about mental health, depression and suicide.

Mental Health Service

Survivors' group to protest against use of electroshock therapy
Irish Examiner (Friday, 13 May 2011)
A Cork-based group of psychiatric survivors and supporters will, tomorrow, continue a campaign for a more humane approach to emotional distress.

Mental health fears for children in state care
Irish Independent (Thursday, 12 May 2011)
Vulnerable children in state care can find themselves shifted around to three or more homes with a destabilising impact on their mental health, according to a new study led by psychiatrist Dr Fiona McNicholas.

Prospects for new Central Mental Hospital
Irish Examiner (Monday, 09 May 2011)
The condition of the Central Mental Hospital is "appalling" and prospects of getting a new one built seem "hopeless", the head of the hospital has said. Dr Harry Kennedy said the condition of the hospital is a big worry, but though there have been promises to build a new one, he said he has "no idea" when this will happen.

Mental Ill Health

Post-natal 'happy pill'
Irish Daily Mail (Thursday, 12 May 2011)
According to research, women with low levels of the hormone oxytocin during pregnancy are more likely to feel down after their baby is born. This finding raises the possibility that oxytocin could be measured in mothers-to-be –and a top-up pill given to those found lacking.

Medical problems caused by 'legal highs' continue
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 12 May 2011)
People continue to present to hospitals with serious medical and psychiatric problems from former "legal highs" despite the crackdown on head shops, according to Brendan Kelly, senior lecturer in psychiatry at University College Dublin. A series of research papers highlight the "substantial public health problem" presented by these drugs.


Alcohol consumption has 'significant' influence on suicide rates
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 10 May 2011)
The study says that alcohol has a "much larger" impact on suicide rates than unemployment. The research, which examines the period 1968 to 2009, claims to be the first to provide empirical evidence demonstrating the link between alcohol, as well as unemployment, on suicide rates in Ireland.

Suicide Prevention

'The most important thing is to reach out'
Irish Examiner (Friday, 13 May 2011)
Console launched its Snowdrop Campaign amid continuing fallout over comments made by the Master of the High Court regarding banks allegedly driving debtors to suicide.

Students rewarded for suicide campaign
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 12 May 2011)
A group of Cork students who played a leading role in raising awareness of suicide among young people in their community were last night named as Young Social Innovators of the Year 2011. Judges commended the group from Mount Mercy College Cork for their project, Divert Your Stride From Suicide.

Irish Examiner wins health award
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 10 May 2011)
The Irish Examiner has collected another award for its investigation into suicide. The 20-page investigation supplement on suicide and its Let's Talk Suicide book- let, both of which were distributed with the news- paper, won the Best Health Communication Through Journalism category at the annual Crystal Clear MSD Health Literacy Awards.