July 10, 2015


Mental Health:

Smoking can triple chances of developing psychosis, study finds
The Irish Times, 10-July-2015, 
Chemicals in tobacco may be linked to mental illness, according to new research.

Facebook leads girls to anxiety and self-harm
Irish Daily Mail, 10-July-2015
Dr Barry talks about how over exposure of social media to teenagers can lead to increased levels of anxiety.

State spends €3m a year abroad for care of young people
The Irish Times, 09-July-2015
Irish authorities have been spending nearly €3 million a year on facilities abroad to provide care for vulnerable young people due to a lack of specialised services.
We must fill gaps in mental health services
Evening Echo, 07-July-2015,
Young World Ambassador Aoife Whitford discusses the need for a mental health services roadmap.


Strategy aims to cut suicide and self-harm by 10%
Irish Medical Times, 09-July-2015 ,
‘Connecting for Life’, Ireland’s new National Strategy for Suicide Prevention in Ireland 2015-2020, succeeds and builds upon ‘Reach Out’, Ireland’s first Strategy for Suicide Prevention for the period 2005-2014.

New national strategy for suicide prevention
Lucan News, 06-July-2015
Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan has welcomed the launch of Connecting for Life, committing to 100% support from the education sector for this “vital plan”.