August 12, 2016

Many people self harm as a coping mechanism to deal with intense or difficult emotions. You might not know why you or someone else self harms but that's ok. You can work with a mental health professional like a counsellor who can help you figure that out.
The Government says it will significantly strengthen protections for patients who are detained against their will in mental health institutions.
It seems boys are now so worried about their body image, some are turning to steroid abuse and skipping meals.
Talking about mental health can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple steps striking up a conversation about your mental health can be made easier and doesn’t have to be the ordeal that you might think.
More than 11,000 cases of self-harm presented at hospitals in Ireland in 2014. The figures from the National Suicide Research Foundation are being released as part of a new campaign to raise awareness about the issue.
The Bodywhys group has reported a 9% increase in helpline calls and a 19% increase in email contact from those aged 36-55.
Irish Rugby international Luke Ambler has opened up about the devastating loss of his brother-in-law Andy, which inspired a mental campaign backed by stars including Ricky Gervais.
Music stars are helping move the conversation forward by publicly dealing with their demons and coming clean about depression, anxiety and addiction