April 13, 2012

Mental Health

Getting to the roots
Irish Examiner  (Friday, 06 April 2012)
Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians in Britain claims that "time spent planting, pruning and propagating can be more powerful than a dose of expensive anti-depressant drugs".

Mental Health Problems

One-in-five young teens hear voices in their head
Irish Independent (Thursday, 12 April 2012)
Hearing voices can affect up to one-in-five Irish children in their early adolescence, new research reveals. The voices, known as auditory hallucinations, end for the majority of these children as they get older. However, those who continue to suffer from the condition may be at risk of complex mental illnesses.

Mental Health Service

Counselling service struggles with cuts amid demand hike
Irish Examiner (Friday, 13 April 2012)
The number of people seeking a one-to-one service at the Southwest Counselling Centre in Killarney has risen by 15% since 2009, but funding has declined by 14%.

Career guidance 'integral part of school'
Irish Times (Friday, 13 April 2012)
The decision to remove the specific allocation for guidance counsellors from second-level schools was a heartless one, Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland president Brendan Broderick has said.

Children in secure care overseas cost State €2.5m
Irish Times (Tuesday, 10 April 2012)
The State estimates that last year it spent between €2.2 million and €2.5 million on secure accommodation overseas for a small number of children in care.

Suicide Prevention

New compilation for Pieta House
Limerick Post (Thursday, 12 April 2012)
Some of Ireland’s finest music acts have made original tracks available for Life Support, a compilation of tracks in aid of Pieta House, the Suicide and Self-harm Crisis Centre.

New guidelines for suicide bereavement support published

Irish Times (Tuesday, 10 April 2012)
New guidelines for suicide bereavement support have been launched to help ensure community responses are safe and do not put people at greater risk.