April 12, 2013

Mental Health
Irish Times (Tuesday, 9th April 2013)
I subscribe to the “just do it” school of meditation. While I’m still trying to figure out whether I actually need to get up so early, my body is already heading downstairs.
Nationalist – Carlow (Tuesday, 9th April 2013)
A column about good mental health by Dr Eddie Murphy, the HSE’s principal clinical psychologist in Carlow and Kilkenny. 
Irish Health.com (Wednesday, 10th April 2013)
While many parents in Ireland are struggling with issues such as work/life balance and childcare costs, it appears that they are doing something right, as almost nine in 10 children here are happy with their lives, new figures from UNICEF claim.
Mental Health Service
Irish Examiner (Tuesday, 9th April 2013)
A fast-track mental health service where people wait no more than three days for an appointment with a counsellor and to which they can self-refer was formally launched in Cork yesterday.
Mental Illness
Irish Times (Tuesday, 9th April 2013)
Jack Kirwan, who is now studying arts at University College Dublin. “I am beginning a new chapter in my life,” he says of his struggle with depression. 
Irish Health.com (Thursday, 11th April 2013)
A woman is more vulnerable to a psychiatric admission in the six weeks after she has a baby than at any other time in her life, a consultant psychiatrist has warned.
Suicide Prevention
Forum (Wednesday, 10th April 2013)
With suicide now a major problem in Ireland, the ICGP has developed a new e-learning programme to assist GPs and primary care staff in dealing with patients who present with suicidal thoughts.