March 11, 2016

Soaps shape our attitudes on mental health
15/03/2016, Womans Way
Hazel Whelan, Project Coordinator of Headline, Ireland’s National media monitoring programme for mental health and suicide says that the drama portrayed on TV is significant when it comes to influencing beliefs and challenging stereotypes… 
We are failing the psychological needs of cancer patients
11/03/2016, Irish Independent
Happily, more and more patients are surviving the physical illness thanks to new treatments and drugs, but the psychological illness is more often than not left untreated…

‘Talking about your mental health is attention seeking!’ and other untruths 
09/03/2016, A Lust for Life
“I want to write my story because recently I’ve encountered the attitude that talking about your mental health is attention seeking. This is absolutely not true”…

Loneliness harms older people’s health, research shows
09/03/2016, Irish Examiner
Loneliness can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of older people and is of increasing concern for public health, a new study shows…

Students in Limerick post inspirational video on how they overcame depression and anxiety
09/03/2016, Irish Independent
Three Limerick students have opened up about their battles with mental health in a bid to tell young people that it's okay to talk about depression…

International Women’s Day, Brain Awareness week
08/03/2016, St Patricks Mental Health Blog
It is an undeniable fact that women are four times more likely than men to suffer from stress-related mental health disorders…

How a support group helped save my life
08/03/2016, A Lust for Life
"My mental health problem is one that I have left slide in and out of my life whenever it wanted. It consumed so many fantastic moments of my life, making me belittle them, making me belittle myself"… 

Mental Illness and the new government
08/03/2016, Irish Independent
In 2011, when Enda Kenny took office, I wrote in this column: "There are often eureka moments for viewers and for me, that moment came when Enda Kenny said, 'I feel the priority should be the 300,000 people who suffer from mental illness and the 75,000 people who attempt self-harm and those who have the tragedy of suicide visit their families’…

Prof Jim Lucey talks to Sean O'Rourke about mental health and burnt out 
01/03/2016, RTE Radio 1
Professor Jim Lucey, Medical Director, St. Patrick's Mental Health Services, and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Trinity College Dublin talks to Sean O’Rourke about mental health and burn out in the workplace.