December 11, 2015

‘Don’t cry, your mum’s in the room. And me? I was dying inside.’
11/12/2015, The Journal
Young people often struggle to access support following the death of a loved one.
The 17 year old anorexia survivor who wants you to know “You’re not alone”
10/11/2015, Spin Talk
“You can see that recovery is possible" says Hollie who has made a full recovery from anorexia.

Validation of children’s feelings promotes positive mental health
10/12/2015 , A Lust for Life
Dignity and being worthy of esteem begins at birth and is significantly related to the shared, reciprocal experience between the parent and the child.

"Mental-health services in Donegal collapsing, says Independent TD" 
10/12/2015, Irish Times
Independent TD for Donegal Thomas Pringle warned the Taoiseach that mental-health services for the elderly in the county were collapsing.
'Who Cares': raising awareness of mental health issues
09/12/2015, Irish Times
Short film 'Who Cares' highlights the stigma attached to seeking help with mental health problems.

Top tips for dealing with Social Anxiety
08/12/2015, Spun Out
Kyle suffers from social anxiety and has put together a list of things which help.

"Everyone must unite and fight to reduce suicide" 
07/12/2015, Irish Examiner
Doctors, family and support groups like Pieta House must unite to reduce suicide.