September 11, 2015

Mental Health 

Orthorexia Nervosa: The good girl's eating disorder

Irish Independent, 11-09-15

Joyce Fegan talks about the eating disorder, orthorexia, and the dangers of fixating  on eating ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods.


Suicide prevention day: Equip children to deal with failure, says GP

Irish Examiner, 11-09-15

Dr Harry Barry on how parents need to teach their children how to cope effectively with failure so they are better equipped to deal with downfalls later on in life.


Former Miss Tipperary: 'No matter how alone you feel, you're not alone'

Irish Independent, 10-09-15

Former Miss Tipperary shares her experiences of depression and anxiety.


Stigma of mental health remains engrained in Irish society, reveals survey

Irish Examiner, 10-09-15

Mental health stigma remains engrained in Irish society, a survey shows.


Talking is key for mental health issues

Irish Examiner, 09-09-15

Dr Margaret O’Rourke of discusses the importance of talking about our mental health.


Having a crisis? You can bounce back

Irish Daily Mail, 08-09-15

Dr. Eddie Murphy gives advice on how to look after your mental health.


15 steps to inner calm

Irish Independent Health and Living, 07-09-15

Caroline McGuigan, CEO of suicide prevention charity, ‘Suicide or Survive’ writes about looking after your emotional wellbeing. 


Here’s why you need mindfulness and how to bring it into your everyday, 06-09-15

Helen Byrne talks about how incorporating mindfullness into our daily routine can help with our emotional well-being.



 Giving men the opportunity to text is a “major development” in the fight against suicide, 10-09-15

Ireland’s national suicide awareness charity Console has released data pertaining to its suicide helplines, and particularly its text service.


Landmarks turn orange for World Suicide Prevention Day


The Irish Times, 10-08-09

Buildings around the country turned orange on Thursday to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.