June 11, 2014

Mental Health
Campaign focuses on GAA players' emotional health
Northside People West, 11-Jun-2014
The Gaelic Players' Association (GPA) has announced the launch of a new campaign that focuses on the emotional health and wellbeing of county players.
HSE's Medicines Management Programme Announces Two New Preferred Drugs
Irish Pharmacy News, 10-Jun-2014
The Medicines Management Programme [MMP] has identified Citalopram as the preferred Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor [SSRI) and Venlafaxineas the preferred Serotonin Noradrenaline Re-uptake Inhibitor [SNRI) for the treatment of depression.
'Cure for the blues possible'
Irish Daily STAR, 10-Jun-2014
Researchers at McGill University in Canada have discovered that people with depression have less of a molecule called miR-1202.
All unexplained deaths to be reported
Irish Medical News 06-05-2014
All sudden and unexplained deaths of anyone attending a mental health service, including day services and outpatient departments, must now be notified to the Mental Health Commission.
Colleges face up to crisis
Galway City Tribune, 06-05-2014
Students with suicidal thoughts are presenting at counselling services in Galway's third level institutes 'every second day'.
Call for patient safety review at St Luke's
Kilkenny Reporter, 04-Jun-2014
An immediate review of patient safety at the Department of Psychiatry at St Luke's Hospital to Kilkenny has been called for by the Mental Health Commission.

Suicide helpline gets over 4,000 calls a month
irishexaminer.com, 05-Jun-2014
The rise has been put down to more people realising there is no shame in talking about their worries. 
Kodaline lend voice to 24-hour suicide helpline
Irish Independent, 05-Jun-2014
The band have launched a new free 24/7 helpline service, 1800 247 247, set up by Console, the national charity for suicide.