September 10, 2014

Mental Health

Video: See why it’s ok to talk about men’s mental health
Irish Examiner, 10-Sep-2014
Suicide rates among men is one of the most prominent health issues Irish society faces today and one young journalist is determined to raise awareness.
65% say being treated for a mental health problems is viewed by Irish society as a sign of failure
Newstalk, 10-Sep-2014
A new Survey from St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, published to coincide with World Suicide Awareness Day, indicates that stigma associated with mental health issues are still prevalent.
Social farming pilot project reveals benefits for farmers and users
Irish Times, 08-Sep-2014
Social farming has the potential to provide daily services to thousands of people with intellectual disabilities and to involve hundreds of farm families, the manager of a pilot social farming project has said.
NUI Galway and Kingfisher Club announce details of annual 8km race in aid of Jigsaw
NUI Galway, 08-Sep-2014
Jigsaw Galway is a free and confidential service supporting the mental health and well-being of young people, aged 15 – 25, living in Galway city and county.

Donal Walsh charity raises quarter of a million euro to date
Newstalk, 08-Sep-2014
The family and friends of Kerry teenager Donal Walsh are still raising funds and spreading his message of good mental health, more than a year after this death.

Leona Lewis opens up about spiralling into a dark place
Irish Exainer, 08-Sep-2014
Leona Lewis has revealed she once battled with depression amidst the break-up from Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.
From the Stands: Newstalk shine light on players’ problems
Irish Independent, 07-Sep-2014
Padraig Breathanch’s 30 minute documentary will explore the steps taken by the GAA to support players and three GAA stars share their experiences of their mental health problems.
Listen back here:
First broadcast on September 7th.

No shame in feeling despair
Irish Times, 08-Sep-2014
Creating awareness about the reason people feel suicidal and what can be done is a vital step towards eradicating the stigma attached. 

Living with a ‘black dog’: An animated guide you really should watch, 06-Sep-2014
This week we were faced with the appalling statistic that 800,000 people take their own life around the world every year. This poignant and beautiful video has some brilliant advice.
Call for full review of conditions at Waterford hospital
Irish Times, 06-Sep-2014
Calls have been made for a full review of conditions and resources at St Otteran’s Psychiatric Unit in Waterford following the death of a resident in a violent incident Friday night.
Patient held after woman dies in stabbing at psychiatric hospital
Irish Independent, 05-Sep-2014
A psychiatric patient was in garda custody overnight after a serious incident which left one patient dead, another seriously injured and a staff member also injured. 



Lynch: ‘We have to be careful about cases where we suspect suicide but there’s no evidence’, 10-Sep-2014
Speaking about suicide prevention in Ireland, Kathleen Lynch said it’s estimated that one in every 100 people in the country is trained in either Safe Talk or ASIST.
Government ‘very concerned’ about high suicide rate
RTÉ, 10-Sep-2014
Ten people take their own life every week in Ireland, which has the fourth highest suicide rate in Europe.

Save grieving families from ‘trial-like’ suicide inquests: Console, 10-Sep-2014
Suicide prevention charity says Ireland should look to Scotland to help suffering relatives
Video: World Suicide Prevention Day, 10-Sep-2014
Sara Kelly from 3TS, a charity which works towards helping to prevent deaths by suicide through research, intervention and support, was on Ireland AM this morning, to discuss how seeking support for positive mental health is vital.
Pieta House ‘close to meeting vision’[ of centre within 100km of every Irish person
Irish Independent, 10-Sep-2014
The suicide and self-harm prevention charity opened three new centres within the last few months and it’s hoped that three more will open in the near future.
Watch: New Irish Film Davin
RTÉ Ten, 10-Sep-2014
World Suicide Prevention Day takes place today, Wednesday September 10, and Irish director Graham Jones has made a new animated film, Davin, to help raise public awareness.
Was anyone at the 6.30am rave in Dublin this morning
?, 10-Sep-2014
The event was held to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day today, with Irish charity Suicide or Survive (SOS) promoting their initiatives and Mental Health Reform encouraging best practice.
Teen cannabis-users ‘more likely to attempt suicide’ later in life, 10-Sep-2014
A study has found that people who use cannabis daily during their teen years are seven times more likely to attempt suicide later in life.

‘I have forgiven him’ – Cork woman opens up about crash that killed her young family, 08-Sep-2014
Elber Twomey, the Irish woman whose family was killed in 2012 when a suicidal taxi driver crashed into their car in England, has met with senior Gardaí to offer advice on dealing with suicidal members of the public.

Complex reasons for making such a choice
Irish Examiner, 06-Sep-2014
Experts in the area of suicide point out that, incidences of people killing another before taking their own lives are relatively rare — there were 19 from 2001 to 2013, which claimed the lives of 27 innocent victims. 
Irish research influenced report
Irish Examiner, 06-Sep-2014
Irish research influenced key recommendations in the World Health Organisation’s first global report calling for more suicide prevention strategies.