August 7, 2009

Mental Health

Therapy 'not the answer' for gays
Evening Herald (Thu, 6 august 2009)
Gay people who want  to become straight should not be told that therapy is the answer, said the American Psychological Association (APA).

That blot is classified information
Sunday Times News (Sun, 2 August 2009)
Should the Rorschach inkblot test be published online, along with its correct "answers"? No, said psychologists, who went on the attack after the test was disclosed on Wikipedia.

Mental Health Service

Failing to 'cherish all of the children of the nation'
Irish Times (Tue, 4 August 2009)
The State is failing to deliver on its promises to young people who suffer from mental health problems, writes PAUL GILLIGAN .

Call for independent inquiry into Clare Mental Health Services
Clare Champion (Fri, 31 July 2009)
A full independent inquiry into all aspects of care provided by the Clare Mental Health Service was requested by a new Mid-West lobby group during a recent meeting in the Dail with Minister of State at the Department of Health, John Moloney.

Suicide Prevention

Neville calls for reversal of suicide prevention service
Limerick Independent (Wed, 5 August 2009)                                                                                         Fine Gael Spokesperson for Mental Health, Dan Neville, has called on the health minister to reverse the decision to cut resources to funding for suicide prevention and suicide bereavement support.

Concerns over proposed assisted suicide laws
Irish Examiner (Wed, 5 August 2009)
Laws allowing assisted suicide being considered by the British government could have significant implications here if terminally ill Irish people chose to travel to end their lives.

Suicide prevention groups hit out at €1m budget freeze
Irish Independent (Tue, 4 August 2009)
Suicide groups last night hit out at the decision to freeze €Im in their funding from dormant accounts. More than 100 groups had made applications for funding for vital suicide prevention projects last September, but so far none have got the go-ahead.

Online networking 'dehumanising'
Irish Times (Sun, 2 August 2009)
Social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace encourage teenagers to build “transient relationships” that can leave them traumatised and even suicidal when they collapse, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales warned today.