August 6, 2010

Mental Health

Lights, camera, action for Roscommon's Leo's
Roscommon Champion (Wed, 4 Aug 2010)
The Leo's Club, were shot in front of the cameras last week as they took part in a film course with the aim of promoting mental health in the country.

€185k boost for Cork mental health groups
Evening Echo (Mon, 2 August 2010)
Cork disability and mental health groups have been rewarded €185,000 in funding through the Genio Trust. The Trust is operated by the Government and private contributors and aims to help people to live independently and develop their full potential.

Mental Illness

Teen net addiction linked to depression 8.4% developed clinical depression, report found.
Irish Examiner (Wed, 4 August 2010)
Chinese scientists investigating the link between excessive internet usage and mental health problems in teenagers have found that internet addiction could be make some teenagers depressed and anxious.

Difficult labour raises depression risk
Irish Examiner (Wed, 4 August 2010)
Dutch researchers have found that women who experience pregnancy complications or a difficult labour are at higher risk of developing post-natal depression.

Former child soldiers lack support
The African Voice (Sat, 31 July 2010)
Two forthcoming studies in the Journal of Child Development explore how former child soldiers adjust to life in peace-time and found that many suffer from a range of serious psychological and emotional problems. A third of the children exhibited signs of post-traumatic stress, more than a third were depressed and over half had behavioural problems.

Eating Disorders

Labels call on altered Images
Irish Independent (Wed, 4 August 2010)
More than 20,000 signatures from British Girl Guides have been handed over to David Cameron to petition for the labelling of airbrushed images of models and celebrities. They say that airbrushing is putting damaging pressures on young girls to have the perfect figure and undermining the confidence of an entire generation.

Suicide Prevention

Youth suicide highlighted at UCD student union event
Irish Times (Fri, 6 Aug 2010)
Ireland has the fourth highest rate of youth suicide in Europe, a students union event in UCD heard yesterday.The event, aimed at highlighting mental health support services for students, marked the third anniversary of “Please Talk”, a mental health awareness campaign set up in response to the deaths of a number of UCD students by suicide.

Increased risk of suicide in asthma suffers
Medical Independent (Thu, 5 Aug 2010)
Judith Leavy reports on new evidence which highlights the need for an increased focus on mental health care in asthma sufferers.

US army officers 'fail to spot suicide warning signs'
Irish Examiner (Fri, 30 July 2010)
The US army said leadership and discipline have deteriorated at bases in the United States, with officers missing warning signs of soldiers on the verge of suicide. As the military focused on righting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over nearly a decade, senior leaders have failed to track reckless behaviour and monitor alcohol and drug abuse among soldiers back home, said an army report on suicide prevention.