January 6, 2015

Mental Health


Arts festival to focus on social media and young people
Irish Times, 06-Jan-2014
First Fortnight’s aim is to create a better understanding of young people’s mental health issues.

Leading the fight against, depression
Irish Independent Health & Living, 05-Jan-2015
Majella O’Donnell wants to establish the mental health equivalent of an Accident & Emergency Award.

Building a social network for men, one shed at a time
Irish Examiner, 05-Jan-2015
An academic researcher who contributed to the growth of the Men’s Shed movement is Australia – where it all began – is highly impressed by the growth of the organisation in Ireland.

Hiope for treatment-resistant depression
IrishHealth.com, 05-Jan-2015
According to consultant psychiatrist, Dr Declan Lyons, and psychiatry registrar, Dr Clare Shields, both of St Patrick's Hospital in Dublin, depression is the fourth highest cause of disability worldwide and is an ‘extremely common presentation' to GPs.

First Fortnight mental health arts festival underway
Hot Press, 05-Jan-2015
For the full lowdown on events, see firstfortnight.ie.

WATCH: Trailer for Patrick’s Day
Hot Press, 05-Jan-2015
The mental health film is in cinemas on February 6th.

Let’s get physical – it will get you mentally fit this year too
TheJournal.ie, 02-Jan-2015
TheJournal.ie is bringing you tried and tested ways to help you keep your mental health in fine fettle.

Festival highlights ‘ordinary’ nature of mental health issues
Irish Times, 01-Jan-2015
Mental health issues are a “normal experience rather than something extraordinary”, cognitive psychotherapist J P Swaine says – as he takes a break from the last minute preparations for this year’s First Fortnight festival. 

Is going gluten free the cool new eating disorder?
Stellar, 01-Jan-2015
Bodywhy’s talks to Stellar Magazine about a potential worrying trend in eating disorders.

Why you need a mindfulness minute in your life
TheJournal.ie, 01-Jan-2015
The practice “helps us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we’re better able to manage them”.

Mental health is key concern at work
IBOA Spectrum, 31-Dec-2014
According to the Equality Authority, the greatest barrier that employees with experience of mental health difficulties encounter is the attitudes that others have towards mental health difficulties.

How to reach out to someone who is feeling down: a guide
TheJournal.ie, 30-Dec-2014
Robert Carley, who helped create the online wellnessworkshop.ie from Suicide or Survive, speaks from personal experience about the value of reaching out to someone who is feeling despondent.

There’s a growing pro self-harm movement and it’s worrying mental health experts
TheJournal.ie, 30-Dec-2014
Mental health experts have become increasingly concerned about the level of self-harm in Ireland – particularly amongst teens, as promotion of the practice becomes more prevalent on social media websites.



Heartbroken mother says murder-suicide ‘brushed under carpet’
Irish Independent, 31-12-2014
A woman whose husband killed their two children and then died by suicide has said: “There needs to be major studies undertaken and greater supports and funding for the mental health system."


Living with the waking nightmare of depression
Irish Times, 06-Jan-2015
“Language is a powerful tool, and how we talk about a particular subject frames and reinforces what we think about it. Mental health is no exception.”

Opinion: My New Year’s resolution? To no longer be ashamed
TheJournal.ie, 02-Jan-2015
Natalie Marr: “This year, I have decided to try to no longer be ashamed of suffering from mental health problems.”

Anachronistic insanity label must be removed
Irish Examiner, 31-Dec-2014
Dr Darius Whelan is a UCC law lecturer and president of the Irish Mental Health Lawyers’ Association. Here, he discusses the legal procedures regarding mental health.

Antidote in the arts to stigma of mental illness
Irish Times, 30-Dec-2014
J P Swaine is co-founder of First Fortnight, a two-week mental health arts festival aimed at challenging mental health stigma. He says: “We want to raise people’s awareness of how silent they are when the issue of mental health is brought up.”

s is an article by someone with bipolar disorder…by someone just like you.”

TheJournal.ie, 23-Dec-2014
Lorcan Black is a twenty-eight year old writer from Kildare. Here, he discusses his own mental illness and urges that “there are normal people everywhere suffering, every day”.