May 8, 2015

Mental Health
Time for eating disorder beds in Westmeath – Dollard
Westmeath Topic, 07-May-2015

County Councillor and Health Forum member, Mick Dollard, highlights how people suffering from eating disorders are not being served by the health authorities.

Coordinated care needed for children's mental health
Emergency Services Ireland, 06-May-2015
A report launched by the Children’s Mental Health Coalition has outlined the significant gaps in mental health services and supports for children and young people. 

Aware needs funding for scheme to lift depression
Irish Daily Mail, 06-May-2015
Mental Health charity, Aware, says it needs more funding to expand an online programme that has helped almost 3,000 people that are experiencing depression and anxiety.

It's the little things that really matter
Leinster Express, 05-May-2015
Dr Eddie Murphy talks about the little things that we can do to help maintain our emotional and mental health.

Never be afraid to ask for help, 05-May-2015
Women’s Gaelic Players’ Association (WGPA) Chairperson, Aoife Lane, talks about the impact that physical health can have on mental health and wellbeing.

A cure for anorexia one step closer as scientists discover ‘eating disorder gene’, 05-May-2015
A possible cure for anorexia may be in the process of being developed as scientists discovered the gene that could be responsible for anorexia .

Dundalk show their support for Positive Mental Heallth event
Dundalk Democrat, 05-May-2015
The Dundalk Positive Mental Health forum is an initiative made up of service providers and interested parties who wish to promote positive mental health awareness in Dundalk

Ruth helps to launch positive mental attitude initiative
Connaught Telegraph, 05-May-2015

In partnership with national mental health charity Aware, Abrivia Recruitment has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance of positive mental health in the recruitment industry .


Console is literally a life-saving support
The Herald – City Final, 06-May-2015
Paul Kelly, CEO of suicide charity Console, tells Breda McCormick about the work they do to help people affected by suicide and their participation in the upcoming VHI Women’s Mini Marathon.