July 8, 2016

05/07/2016, Irish Times
  Kieren Fallon’s retirement from the saddle due to his battle with depression not only brings one of sport’s most successful and simultaneously turbulent careers to an end but also ensures renewed focus on mental health issues within racing generally.
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07/07/2016, Irish Examiner
Every week, nine people in Ireland kill themselves. Good listening is hard, but the Samaritans believe it is essential in bringing down the number of suicides.
08/07/2016, Irish Independent
Jim Carrey has said it is a "shame" that details of his ex-girlfriend's private life have been released to the public in the wake of her suicide.
05/07/2016 Independent.ie
The car journeys were the worst. Trapped in that box, alone with his thoughts, David Gillick couldn't escape the cloud of darkness that would descend.
30/06/2016, Cork Independent
The number of people both young and old who are in a position to think their only option is to take their own life is horrendous. I am a sixteen year old girl living in Cork, and I feel at this age, there is no problem too major that can't be solved if you just talk to someone.