September 9, 2011


Mental Health

Study: Over-50s not disclosing mental health concerns to GPs
Irish Examiner (Friday, 09 September 2011)
People over the age of 50 are less likely to disclose mental health concerns to their GP, and stigma was the main reason for them not attending mental health services, research has found. Grow Young, a study of older people carried out by Shine, a charity for those affected by mental illness, is the first of its kind to look at why older people don't talk about psychological distress.

Mental Health Service

Campaign battles forced incarceration
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 08 September 2011)
THE use of force within the mental health services whereby people can be incarcerated and treated against their will must be stopped. This is the hard-hitting message from a national ad campaign, Decriminalising Human Emotions, launched by campaigning support group Mad Pride Ireland.

Sale of mental health lands yields just €6m
Irish Examiner (Thursday, 08 September 2011)
The HSE made just €6 million from the sale of mental health properties between 2005 and 2011, documents obtained by the Irish Examiner have revealed. Controversy over the sale of mental health properties arose after it was discovered that extensive lands were sold, but the money was not being reinvested in the mental health services

Concern over care of psychiatric patients
Irish Times (Tuesday, 06 September 2011)
Mental health campaigners and professionals say hundreds of people with mental health problems continue to be housed in appalling conditions in psychiatric hospitals and are in receipt of sub-standard care. This follows the screening of Behind the Walls, RTÉ’s documentary series on the history of psychiatric hospitals in Ireland.

HSE cuts number of psychiatrists in Galway
Irish Times (Tuesday, 06 September 2011)
The number of consultant psychiatrists working in the mental health service in Galway is to be reduced by two as a result of new budget cuts. The Irish Times understands that two temporary locum consultants with fixed-purpose contracts are to be let go from later this month.

Mental Ill Health

165 million Europeans suffer brain disorders
Irish (Tuesday, 06 September 2011)
Every year, almost four in 10 people in the EU suffer with a mental health problem, a major new study has shown. According to the findings, which were released by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), mental disorders are the biggest health challenge facing Europe today, but most remain untreated.

Children 'must be screened for anxiety disorder signs'
Irish Independent (Monday, 05 September 2011)
Children should be screened for anxiety disorders to prevent them developing severe mental problems in later life, it has been claimed. Treating anxiety early would be the single most effective way of reducing the burden of mental disorders – one of the most common causes of disability in the developed world, according to Professor Mans Ulrich Witten, lead author of a study of the state of Europe's mental health.


Priest links suicide to abuse

Irish Examiner (Thursday, 08 September 2011)
Fr. Aidan Troy, who is set to speak at Consoles fifth annual suicide conference tomorrow, wants to open debate on clerical sex abuse and suicide. Research shows that countries that undergo significant social change can experience a rise in suicide rates, and Fr. Troy said he is anxious to open discussion on how this problem can be approached.