July 9, 2010

Mental Health

Women's mental health is significantly improved by parenthood
Evening Echo (Thu, 1 July 2010)
A study carried out by LEE-ANN BURKE, Department of Economics, University College Cork, looked at the mental health of the Irish population and in particular gender differences in mental health in Ireland. This study uses data collected from just over 15,000 individuals across the eight year period


Mental Health Service

Ombudsman critical of St. Loman's facilities
Westmeath Examiner (Wed, 7 July 2010)
The Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has criticised conditions at St. Loman's Hospital in Mullingar, on foot of a complaint lodged with her office by the daughter of a resident at the Hospital. But the HSE has hit back by stating that because it has not yet received funding earmarked for the upgrading of facilities at St. Loman's, it is unable to carry out improvements identified as necessary at the hospital.


Lawyers entitled to records of psychiatric patients
Irish Times (Mon, 5 July 2010)
Where a patient who has been detained involuntarily under the Mental Health Act 2001, and who lacks the capacity to instruct a solicitor and to give written consent to the release of his or her medical records, the release of those records to the legal representative is necessary to protect the interests of the patient and is not a contravention of any duty of confidentiality owed to the patient by the hospital or the psychiatrist.


Centre for eating disorders cuts fees
Irish Examiner (Mon, 5 July 2010)
The country's first dedicated residential centre for the treatment of eating disorders has slashed its fees after failing so far to health convince insurers to cover patients using its services


Suicide Prevention

It's time that we talked openly about suicide
Irish Daily Mail (Thu, 8 July 2010)
Speaking out about the social stigma surrounding suicide, Donegal Coroner John Cannon has made an impassioned appeal to those contemplating suicide to seek urgent help. He insisted we must all shake off our reluctance to even mention the word and engage in a debate on how we can tackle the issue.


Mental Ill Health

Depression can double the risk of dementia
Irish Times (Tue, 6 July 2010)
Depression can double the risk of developing dementia, while high levels of vitamin E could help to significantly reduce the risks of acquiring it, according to research which was published in the United States and Sweden yesterday.

Broken quake survivors suffering in mind as well as body
Irish Times (Thu, 8 July 2010)
They sit slumped on a wooden bench in the tent hospital run by French doctors, waiting to talk to someone about their loss and trauma, waiting for the magic pills the doctor dispenses. Some eyes glisten with tears. Others stare blankly, beyond emotion, beyond despair.


Surge in mental health problems for middle classes
Irish Independent (Thu, 8 July 2010)
Middle-class families are feeling the squeeze in the recession with a huge surge in people seeking help with relationship, financial and mental health problems. Family Resource Centres have seen a 2Opc increase in the number of people needing urgent referral to debt or mental health services, with nearly 76,000 people requiring assistance last year. These included solicitors and other professionals from