April 9, 2010

Mental Health

Evening Herald (Thu, 8 April 2010)
Transcendental meditation, the technique of achieving a state of "restful alertness" popularised by The Beatles 40 years ago, may be an effective treatment for depression, scientists have found. Two studies of more than 100 patients at risk of heart disease showed that those who practised the technique experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms of up to 48pc.

Spike Milligan trophy is Galway bound
Irish Medical Times (Tue, 6 April 2010)
The Galway Medical School (NUIG) team, Kapil Sharma and Nuala Kane, were the winners of this year’s Spike Milligan public speaking competition held in Dublin.

Mental Illness

The social determinants of mental ill-health
Irish Medical Times (Wed, 7 April 2010)
Following on from last week’s article, Dr Anna Datta and Justin Frewen examine the link between poverty and other negative social determinants and poor mental health

Evening Herald (Mon, 5 April 2010)
A study shows adoptive parents are also at risk of depression  after the Arrival of a child

Suicide Prevention

Schools urged to address gay/lesbian student issue to avoid suicide risks
Irish Examiner (Fri, 9 April 2010)
Schools need directly to address and offer guidance to gay and lesbian students to avoid them becoming suicide risks, the ASTI conference was told yesterday.

Standing up to the school bully for once and for all
Evening Echo (Wed, 7 April 2010)
The tragic case of Irish teenager, Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide in the US in January after an alleged sustained campaign of bullying from classmates, has brought the issue into sharp focus here in Ireland.