Tens of thousands take part in ‘Darkness into Light’walks across the country, 06-May-2017
Over 150,000 people have taken part in the annual ‘Darkness into Light’ walks and runs across the country. The symbolic 5km walk promotes suicide prevention and looks to tackle the stigma that leads people to the doors of Pieta House centers.
‘Suicide on rise among clerics’
Irish Daily Star, Page 14, 06-May-2017
More priests than ever are falling victim to mental health problems.
Schools fear talk of suicide will increase the risks
Irish Examiner, Page 3, 03 May 2017
Schools fear talk of suicide will increase the risks Reluctance to ask mental health professionals to speak to students Catherine Shanahan Health Correspondent Some schools are shying away from inviting mental health professionals to talk to their pupils about suicide because of a fear that talking about it will increase the risk. Laura Maybury, head of clinical services at Cork Counselling Services ( CCS), said: ” The myth is that if we talk about suicide, it will put it in people’s heads.
Free phone calls and other changes urged after rise in self-harm and suicides in prisons, 02 May 2017
Young offenders and mentally ill inmates should be allowed to make free phone calls as part of efforts to address a rise in self-harm and suicides in jails, a parliamentary committee said.
Mental Health
France to ban super-skinny models in bid to end ‘glorification of anorexia’, 07-May-2017
A law banning the use of super-skinny models will be introduced in France to help end the “glorification of anorexia”.  Models will now need a doctor’s certificate to prove they are healthy before being able to work.
UCD to lead new €4m European ITM to support mental health services for young people
UCD Today, Page 17, 06-May-2017
New team to design and develop new technology for mental health services.
170 children wait for mental health services
Evening Echo, Page 17, 06-May-2017
Children are waiting a year or more for services.
Rate of priests with mental health issues on the rise, 06-May-2017
Fears are growing that there is a rising sense of despair amongst ageing members of the priesthood, due to their ever-increasing workload, coupled with a growing sense of isolation and loneliness, attendees at a recent Dublin-based meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) were told.
TMS: A radical treatment for depression, 05-May-2017
Transcranial magnetic stimulation could offer hope to people with clinical depression when other treatments haven’t helped.  It was invented in Sheffield the 1980s and has been used to treat a number of mental and physical health conditions, including OCD, anorexia, tinnitus and fibromyalgia — but studies suggest up to 70% of people with clinical depression could benefit from it.
Shop mannequins are ‘extremely underweight’, 03 May 2017
The average female mannequin used to model clothes in stores is the size of a severely underweight woman, according to a study. The mannequins used to advertise female fashion are too thin and may be promoting unrealistic body ideals, researchers from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society found. Researchers assessed the body size of male and female mannequins in a survey of national fashion retailers on the high streets of two cities in the UK.