August 5, 2016

We all like to think we’re good friends and listeners but here are some tips to brush up on your skills, and really help someone in need…
I’ve been sitting in front of the laptop for at least an hour now and I’m no closer to figuring out what it is I want to write or how exactly I’m feeling.  Things seem to be shifting really dramatically the last week or so, and while on the one hand it’s fantastic, on the other it’s a little scary.
RTE host Colm Hayes has revealed he has been struggling with anxiety for years. The presenter, who just announced this week he is leaving 2fm, has admitted to struggling with depression and said he used to get sick before going out lie on air.
Teens seeking mental health support are bypassing family, friends and their GP, and looking online, writes Helen O’Callaghan.
Sending people with mental health issues to prison is unacceptable and tackling this must be a key priority for Government, junior minister Helen McEntee says.
Frontline gardaí want more training to help deal with people who are distressed or who have mental health issues.