February 4, 2015


Mental Health

A film that may help to change how we view psychiatric illness
The Herald, 03-Feb-2015
New Irish film ‘Patrick’s Day’ highlights the story of a man living with schizophrenia and could have a major impact on people’s understanding of the nature of psychotic breakdown and mental health in general.
Does gaming benefit mental health?
Independent.ie, 02-Feb-2015
97% of people in the US spend at least one hour per day gaming, but can gaming benefit mental health?
Living with OCD: “I have a rare minute when I’m not thinking about OCD but other than that my brain is always turned on”
Independent.ie, 02-Feb-2015
Artist Jacob Billsborough features in an RTE documentary which delves into the lives of Irish people living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
#My1000Hours: 'Rural communities can run together against isolation'
Independent.ie. 02-Feb-2015
Niall Breslin talks about the importance of the once strongly knitted rural communities of Ireland re-building their support foundations to tackle isolation and improve mental health.
Mental Health Act criticised
Sunday Times, 01-Feb-2015
Issues surrounding the new legal definition of “”voluntary patient” is lacking in the Mental Health Act.
Living with OCD: Irish sufferers give insight
Evening Echo, 31-Jan-2015
Between 2-3% of Irish people are affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. RTE documentary ‘OCD And Me’ hears from sufferers with the condition and how they live with it.
Cashface: Stars including Conor McGregor and Vince Gilligan taking part in new mental health awareness campaign
Irish Mirror, 31-01-2015
New mental health awareness campaign sees celebrities getting involved with #NothingToHide.
The January blues is an actual thing – here’s what you can do to fight it
Evening Echo, 31-Jan-2015
Consultant Psychiatrist reports that the “blues” might be more serious than we thought and how we can deal with this form of depression.
Alcohol and mental health, know the facts
Joe.ie, 30-Jan-2015
The Union of Students in Ireland’s new campaign ‘Mental Drinking’ encourages students to look after the children who look up to them and re-think their drinking habits.
Mental health care crisis needs to be tackled, new report warns
Irish Mirror, 29-Jan-2015
More than 48,000 people across the country are living with dementia – but less than 10% of 602 nursing homes surveyed have dedicated dementia care units.


We have to mind the boys and girls who suffer mental health issues
Irish Examiner, 03-Feb-2015
Suicide accounts for one in every five deaths of teenagers in Ireland, report shows. The power of talking needs to be highlighted to young adults.
Video: Inspirational University of Limerick tutor completes seven challenges in seven days for suicide awareness
Joe.ie, 31-Jan-2015
Monaghan Man tackles seven challenges in seven days for #7DaysForSuicide which included kayaking down the Shannon, extreme rock climbing on Carrantuohill, performing live stand-up comedy and jumping out of a plane.