May 6, 2016

Having been injured in the course of his work, former garda Brendan Doyle began to suffer panic attacks and sleeplessness. He tells our reporter that when all else failed, he turned to extreme sport, and that did the trick
Up to 200,000 people in Ireland – mostly female – are believed to be affected by eating disorders, while an estimated 400 new cases emerge each year. Áilín Quinlan lists some ways to support a loved one who has issues around food
01/05/2016, Connacht Tribune
Around one million people a year worldwide take their own lives by suicide – more than those who die by homicide, war and road traffic accidents…combined.
04/05/2016, RTÉ.ie 
In her weekly column on RTÉ Radio 1's Drivetime Olivia O'Leary spoke about the importance of being open when it comes to mental health and she spoke about her own struggles.
I ALWAYS KNEW there was something different about my mam. Seeing mysterious sickness in someone you love, without any physical symptoms, is very confusing for a child. The paradox of a tired person, going to bed but not sleeping.