December 4, 2015

Time to join the dots rather than tick the box when it comes to mental health services in Ireland
04/12/2015, A Lust for Life
If we are to progress our mental health services, we must connect our health and education systems.
Four in 10 transgender people in Ireland have attempted suicide, claims study
03/12/2015, Breaking News
The largest ever study of transgender people in Ireland claims 40% have attempted suicide at least once.
Mental health is expected to top the agenda at the country's first ever Transgender Healthcare Conference later…
Mindfulness – The Bicep Curl for the Brain
02/12/2015, A Lust for Life
The growing interest in Mindfulness is an indication that there is a need to slow down, create space and reduce stress. It is time to focus on wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness. So what exactly is Mindfulness?

Rural dwellers are ‘susceptible to isolation’, claims study
01/12/2015, Irish Examiner
One in four people living in rural areas have difficulties discussing their personal problems, according to a survey commissioned by an association representing counsellors and psychotherapists.

Campaign urges voters to make mental health a general election priority
30/11/2015, Irish Examiner
The meeting in the Metropole Hotel, to be attended by Minister of State Kathleen Lynch, will be an opportunity for the public to hear where political parties stand on mental health…