June 3, 2016

1/6/2016, EveningEcho.ie
Cork teacher Ellen Downey tells CHRIS DUNNE about her long battle with depression, and how she finally sought the help needed
29/5/2016, IrishTimes.com
We're all human and we all need to be compassionate to those around us, writes Fiadh Melina
30/5/2016, Independent.ie
Eoghan McDermott (33) is a broadcaster with a degree in politics and Irish. He is a co-host on the TV show 'The Voice of Ireland' and also presents a radio programme on 2fm. Born in Dublin, at present he lives in Knocklyon with his parents
30/5/2016, IrishTimes.com
‘Hands up high” was the war cry directed at the young men in the ring at their boxing class.
Protecting their head was the intention of the command and the teenage members of Johnstown Boxing Club in Co Meath say the sport is also helping them to look after their heads in another way.
31/5/2016, Campus.ie
Mental Health is just like diabetes, a broken leg, a heart problem or any other physical illness you can name off the top of your head.
2/6/2016, Independent.ie
It would be quite easy to overlook the small garden with its subdued backdrop of dark green planting – if it were not for the giant see-saw framing it.
1/6/2016, entertainment.ie
"I'm over staying silent about depression"…