April 1, 2015


Mental Health

State criticised for not changing 150-year-old Lunacy Act
Irishtimes.ie, 01-April-2015
Ireland could be the only state in the EU to not ratify the UN convention on rights of people with disabilities.
Postnatal Depression: Online Help
Mums & Tots, 01-April-2015
Claire Dyckhoff discusses how postnatal depression, which affects one in every 1,000 women per year, can appear in different strains and forms.
Blaming crash pilot's mental health will stigmatise sufferers
Irish Independent, 31-March-2015
Paul Gilligan discusses how recent coverage of the plane crash in the Alps has contributed to the stigma embedded in society regarding mental health difficulties.
3,000 call Childline in mental distress
Irish Examiner, 30-March-2015
More than 3,000 children called Childline last year had serious mental health needs and more than 500 were described as being “in crisis”.
Why our children suffer depression
Irish Daily Mail, 30-March-2015
The publication of the latest report by the Children’s Mental Health Commission highlighted significant gaps in mental health services supports for young people between 12 and 24.
Challenging the stigma of mental health problems
Sunday Business Post, 29-March-2015
Over 500,000 green ribbons will be distributed nationwide free of charge as part of a campaign to spark conversation about mental health.
Treating distress without prescription drugs
Irishexaminer.com, 28-March-2015
Liz Dunphy looks at addiction and prescription tranquilisers — and talks to the practitioners who are re-humanising the treatment of emotional distress — without pharmaceutical intervention.

Suicidal children left on waiting lists for care
Irish Independent, 27-March-2015
The findings of the National Review Panel 2014, an independent investigation group set up by the Government, uncovered an ongoing series of failings in child welfare and protection services.